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Structure Sensor | 3D Scanner for iPad

Structure Sensor

 3D Scanner for iPad and Mobile Devices

Meet Structure Sensor - 3D Scanner for iPad

Made from over 300 components from 10 different countries

1. Create Scale Accurate 3D Models of your loved ones

Presenting Watches, Photo Frames and Bouquets on your friends' or loved ones' special occasion doesn't excite them anymore. Welcome to the Next Gen of Gifting - Personalized 3D Miniatures. With Structure Sensor and iPad you would be able to scan 3D models of people and then 3D print them. We are sure that your gift will surprise them.


2. Capture 3D Model of your home within minutes

Thanks to the Canvas App, with Structure Sensor you can now create scale accurate 3D Models of your room/home within minutes. With Scan to CAD Converter, you can also convert your 3D scan into editable CAD file (Available in .skp, .dwg and .dae) Visiting your favorite place? Take your Structure Sensor and scan it. Your 3D Model will be saved and you would be able to go back and revisit any place, any time.  

Structure Sensor Technical Specifications


119.2 mm x 28mm x 29mm


Infrared structured light projector, uniform infrared LEDs

Minimum and Maximum Recommended Range

Minimum - 40 cm

Maximum - 3.5 m+

Battery Life

3-4 hours of active sensing, 

1000+ hours of standby


VGA (640 x 480), 

QVGA (320 x 240)


30 / 60 frames per second


0.5mm at 40cm (0.15%), 

30mm at 3m (1%)



0° to 35° C (32° to 95° F)

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