3D printing makes prosthetics affordable and functional

The Medical and Healthcare Industry is truly revolutionized by the likes of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. 3D printing is perceived as a promising alternative for many old fashioned and complex treatments which can be made effective and life saving with the application of the technology. Prosthetics is the field which is truly revolutionized by 3D printing.

Several thousands of people lose their limbs due to accidents or diseases everyday in India. Until recently, a prosthetic was just a dream for most of the people purely because of the price. Prosthetics are priced from $5000 to $50000 due to the customization, manufacturing process which is also time consuming.

Thanks to 3D printing which has brought down the costs dramatically. A 3D printed prosthetic costs less than $200 and can be made within a couple of days.

duck prosthetic

Duck leg prosthetic printed on a FabX3

With a lot of room for improvement, scientists and technologists have jumped in to make the prosthetics better with sensors and circuitry to mimic the natural joint movement and predictive movement. 3D printed prosthetics has also been used for pets and animals. This is a prosthetic leg printed from FabX 3 for a duck.


3D printing has revolutionized prosthetics which has opened up huge possibilities and is a dream come true for many. The lifetime of the prosthetic is roughly about 5 years which justifies its price under $200.

With the possession of a 3D printer like FabX which costs as low as $325 (INR 20000), one can print his/her own prosthetic given they have the digital design with them.

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