3D printing revolutionizes old fashioned medical treatment in Orthopaedics

According to the Indian Journal of Orthopaedics, 75 fresh cases of fractures are handled by a hospital an an average day. With many advances in medical industry, the traditional plaster based versions of casts with smelly bandages seems to have stayed with us for ages.

Say goodbye to the smelly, This tradition is set to be broken by lattice pattern 3D printed casts. It also claims to heal bones 40% – 80% faster. This application also incorporates the proven use of ultrasonic to heal the bones effectively.

3d printed casting with ultrasonic setup

3d printed casting with ultrasonic setup

Ultrasonic treatment is impossible with traditional methods because of the hindrance caused by plaster based casts. A daily session of ultrasonic which lasts from 20 to 40 minutes helps to heal bones effectively.

The 3D printed casts are customized according to the patient’s unique structure and made sure its fits perfectly. It is also waterproof, eco friendly, smell proof and serves as a fashion statement instead of a pity statement. The only bane for this approach is the no “Get well soon” notes on the cast. The same technique can be applied for minor sprains and misalignment.


Though the concept is still in its prototype stage, it is expected to hit the market soon with many companies testing its viability.  


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