3D Printing starts the Toilet Revolution in China

You’d imagine 3D printing has left the lower sectors of the economy to fend for themselves, and you’re right in doing so. Who will care for the perfect Toilet plan? China does. Thanks to 3D printing. Now their toilets are in rhythm with the city’s overall scenic environment. This is what the people of China call the “Toilet Revolution.”

Winsun Architecture and Technology Co has been involved in the research and development of the new materials for construction. They have employed 3D printing to build efficient and innovative infrastructures all over the city. Their work includes water supply and drainage systems, gardens and parks, environmental health and underground public and ancillary facilities.


In a few years, 3D printing is said to revolutionize the building industry because of its precise, time-friendly, easy methods that put the perfection in the pressure.

The Yangzhan Scenic Area has benefited tremendously from Winsuns’s 3D printed Public Toilet Project. The designs are supposedly inspired by Mother Nature. The Canopies in between the public toilets are shining examples of that as they are elaborately designed from the Ginko leaves from the Botanical garden, that compliments the environment in which it is situated at.

The process of creating the toilet is quite simple. All they need to do is draw, design and print. A computer and a printer are sufficient for this process. Fully functional houses can be created using this. As far as the construction phase is concerned, three workers and a crane will do the trick.


The process is essentially just piling up the blogs without the release of any dust or wastage. The best part is still yet to come. Would you believe it if we told you the drainage system was 3D printed too? We didn’t believe it either. But lying about 3D printing the drainage system would be totally unnecessary, don’t you think? So, you better believe what you just heard.

The 3D revolution is sure not to stop with just the toilets. Big fancy, dream houses are just around the corner. Fingers crossed.

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