How 3D Printing Supported Michael Phelps at Rio

There’s officially nobody that does not Phelps anymore. Apart from being famous for his massive size 14 feet, he also happens to be the World’s Greatest Swimmer. 3D printing got to him before anyone else in its own sneaky way.

Let’s find out how it managed to do that.

Now, with Phelps being the swimmer that is, 3D printing can’t do so much in the pool. But 3D printing found Phelps weakness, unlike many others. This is where the sneaky comes into play. Phelps needed to come out of the water now and then to have a life as it seems and 3D printing decided to make Poseidon’s walk on land a memorable and a joyous one.
The sneakers were custom fitted to the swimmer’s huge feet, and they added a personal touch, with his son’s name printed on the insole and a red, white and blue color scheme.


Under Armour has sponsored Phelps, a company which turned to Rapid Prototyping for its new UA Architech Brand.

So, when he was on land, the trainers tended to his feet with its cushiony approach.
The 3D printed Lattice Sole was a hit as all the 96 pairs of sneakers which was released for the general public sold out in no time.

Autodesk was used to design the shoes at the company’s Innovation Lab. The shoes are as complex as the vibes they give out. The sole and the upper surface work simultaneously to provide what the Under Armour calls, “Charged Cushioning.”

The gradients of flexibility through each layer and the amalgam of different structures give the professionals and amateurs another level of sporting experience and the needed protection alongside.
The end goal is to make customized 3D printed sure that adorn the feet of the customers in their own special way by scanning their feet and making a shoe so that they could have their very own Fairytale just like Cinderella did.

3D printing has made possible the things that were deemed impossible by many at its early release stage.

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