The coolest 3D printed minibus, Olli

Say hello to the coolest 3D printed minibus, OLLI that can seat up to 12 passengers. Olli was introduced by the Arizona start-up Local Motors, Washington. The whole project was created in partnership with IBM, using the Watson Supercomputer. This electric Self-Driving Shuttle looks as good as it sounds.

Olli was created to serve just like Uber. It was designed for the purpose of tending to on-demand transportation needs, which can be summoned with an online app. The whole thing can be printed to perfection in matter of few hours. Olli is said to grace the National Harbor, Maryland, over the next few months with further trials expected in Las Vegas and Miami. The vehicle is prepped to be tested by the Local Motors in dozens of cities around the world that include Berlin, Copenhagen and Canberra.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         credits: Local Motors

The Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer, John Rogers says Olli is ready to hit the road as soon as the regulations allow it. Companies like Google and others are already in the race to make self-driving vehicles, but it is bound to take years before even it reaches the testing stage.

“Local Motors is about selling (the vehicles) into the markets that are ready now,” he said. Rogers also added that the company’s advantage over its competitors that most of the parts incorporated in the vehicle are built from the ground up using the best 3D printers.
“We hope to be able to print this vehicle in about 10 hours and assemble it in another hour.”, he said.
He is certain that several micro factories will soon want their hands on the Olli for its indubitable features.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       source: Local motors

What drives Olli?
The whole driving process is controlled by a system that is developed by the Local Motors with the help of several other tech partners. IBM provides the user Interface which allows the passengers to have conversations with Olli.
“Watson is bringing an understanding to the vehicle,” said IBM’s Bret Greenstein. “If you have someplace you need to be you can say that in your own words.”
This is said to be IBM’s first incursion into autonomous driving, although it has been a part of other automotive companies in the past.

Greenstein said IBM believes Olli to be “the first complete solution” for autonomous driving that makes use of Watson’s cognitive computing power.
Olli creates a relationship with its passengers by communicating in their native languages.
“A vehicle that understands human language, where you can walk in and say, ‘I’d like to get to work,’ that lets you as a passenger, relax, and enjoy your journey.” says Greenstein.
More than 30 sensors and streams of data from the cloud of IBM supports the vehicle.
Watson is continuing to be the Siri of driving Interfaces where you can ask questions like, “Why this route?”, what the whole running and functioning are about and you could even ask if you’re at your destination.
IBM’s Harriet Green believes,“Cognitive computing provides incredible opportunities to create unparalleled, customized experiences for customers, taking advantage of the massive amounts of streaming data from all devices connected to the Internet of Things, including an automobile’s myriad sensors and systems.”

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