Copens 3D printed “Effect Skins” are set to take customisation to a whole new level

Last year, Daihatsu, a Japanese automobile company and world domineering 3D manufacturer, Stratasys said that the clients of Copen would be able to design innovatively and assemble custom exterior panels which are all 3D printed. Recently the news was out that the large-scale customisation system is fully ready, and all set to go once the testing is completed.

Presently, the Effect Skins have come out with an amalgam of patterns and colors. The panels can be assembled and disassembled by all the drivers. There is a total of 15 geometric and unique patterns to choose from. Each of them has been specially designed by the designers who are a part of this project. The project has come out with ten different colors each said to compliment the car beautifully.
The change in color usually takes up to two to three months if the traditional methods have been employed. But 3D Printing has reduced it to a mere two week period. That’s not even the part that got me super excited. The clients can redesign their whole exterior panels, thereby giving them the power to create “unique skins” in style.

At the moment, Copen’s front and back bumpers and the mud apron are ready to create these custom panels. The whole project is supported and possible by the Fotrus Production 3D Printers from Stratasys. Also, these exterior panels take the help of heavy-duty thermoplastic materials which is UV resistant. 2017 will be that year where the commercial markets will be fighting to get their hands on the Effect Skins.
Everytime we limit 3D printing’s capabilities, it leaves us perplexed, doesn’t it?

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