3D printing boosts dental industry

Since its inception in the consumer market, 3D printing has provided us with huge opportunities to explore its potential and push its ability to be applied in various fields.

From implants to braces to denture, 3D printing has revolutionized dentistry in a spectacular manner.


Dentists undergo rigorous planning before a surgical dental implant which requires a surgical guide. The surgical guide is now intricately 3D printed which improves the chances of a successful surgery. Surgical guides can also be used for any dental surgeries that requires proper planning and focus. 


According to Invisalign, 92% of people hate wearing metal braces. People feel that it keeps them away from their peers, affects their appearance, causes a lot of pain, needs regular maintenance and hinders them from enjoying their favorite food.

3d printed jaw

3D printed lower jaw model from Hydra machine.

teeth aligners

Invisible teeth aligners

3D printing has eliminated every bad aspect of metal braces. With teeth plastic aligners which is ultra personalized, the braces fits perfectly to the teeth. This is made possible with accurate 3D printed jaw models of the patient. The plastic aligners are formed by the thermoforming process. These braces do not affect the appearance and can be removed at will. One will be able to brush their teeth and floss normally. And also enjoy their favorite food if they use the 3D printed aligners.


3D printed dentures from different 3D printable materials

Dentures from different 3D printable materials

Getting a denture that fits perfectly is possible now with 3D printing. This has made the entire process 2.5 times faster when compared to the traditional methods. Since the implant plannings can be accurately done up to a tenth of a millimeter, it provides the best fit for the patient.


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