Furry Lion — 3D Printing Trend of the Week

For the past ten days, the desktop 3D Printing community were roaring about one thing — Furry Lion aka Hairy Lion by _primoz_ in Thingiverse. So, we joined the bandwagon to print two models —  one with normal white PLA and another with multicolor / rainbow filament.

The model is designed to make the lion more life like and accurate. This was achieved by giving a more fluffy and furry hair to the lion.

But How?

The concept follows the same idea behind the Drooloop flowers by Mark Peeters, and the furry vase by Daniel Noree in Thingiverse. If you have used a 3D Printer, you would have noticed that during leveling and loading / unloading the filament, the extruded filament is quite stretchy and flexible if we pull it. This property of the filament is put to good use in this concept.

First the model is printed like any other model we print.

                                                                Furry Lion printed in FabX Pro

Then, the printed model should not be removed from the build plate immediately. The hair structures of the lion must be separated from the cylindrical wall surrounding the model. This is done carefully using a blade or a small knife.

After the cylindrical wall is removed, you can take the model from the build plate.

But now the lion looks like a king with a bad hair day. To make him more majestic, we used heat. Yes, that’s right, by exposing the hair to little heat with a hot air gun (hair blower works too), the hair structures can be easily molded or bent to our will. You can give your own hairstyle to the king of the jungle.

Do not do this mistake!

Scaling up/down the model will raise slicing and design issues. Make sure you remember this while slicing.

Do yo want to print one?


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