Nano Dimensions’s latest Ink production Facility is set to open

The name Nano Dimension Ltd is obviously a name respected and looked up to by everyone in the technology industry. They have now upped their game by venturing into a new production that will solely focus on the company’s unique nano-ink products. This comes right after the company’s announcement of the procurement of a “Patent for their nanometric conductive ink”.

Everything you need to know about the facility.
The place is still in its renovation stage, and it is presumed to have the production capability to work with over 100 printers to develop its unique nano ink products. Talking about the company’s focus, “transforming Nano Dimension’s ink development capabilities for commercial production, ensuring that the company will be able to meet future clients’ expected nano-ink supply needs.” is the goal Nano Dimension aiming for.


Multilayer PCB printed by Nano Dimension’s DragonFly 2020 3D Printer
The new project is packed with a few great features, and a few of them are listed as follows.
Highly beneficial and effective technological solution in the chemistry and production sector.
Advanced quality standards.
An 8600 square feet area.
A lot of companies products outsource their products which save time and money required for the product’s completion. But Nano Dimension made a food business call by deciding to manufacture and develop their products in an in-house facility. They have given importance to the creativity and innovation, which today is 3D printing’s pillar.

This is a bold step forward by Nano Dimension as they are continually doing something out of bounds.

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