World’s biggest 3D printed NERF gun!

NERF guns, they are loud.They are heavy. Did I mention they were loud? But what’s even worse is the painful week coming to and end with a warfare raging in offices across the continents, where each NERF lover tries to fight the other(playfully of course).
But there is always somebody who helps poor souls like us to do better. In this case, its the NASA engineer with a vision. Let me introduce you to Mark Rober. The guy went ahead and built a massive NERF gun.
His pals Ryan and David from Youtube channel, Eclectical Engineering teamed up to built this huge version of the NERF Maverick, with the darts that can travel up to 40 MPH. Later a decision was made to built a 3D projectile that could travel astounding 130 yards which were assisted by the 3000psi Paintball tank “under the hood” of the Maverick. It was more aerodynamic than the pool noodle/toilet plunger they had MacGyvered together, although the surface did not seem to hold on to it.
Boys being boys went ahead and did the testing by destroying some watermelons by using the comparison between the black powder and pneumatic air system.
If you guys are as creative as we think, go and build some NERF guns for yourself, or you could start with something more simpler, like 3D darts for your dartboard?

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