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Spots by 3Ding

 A Hyperlocal listing for 3D Printing Services

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Who can be a part of Spots?

Are you good at any of these ?

3D Printing | 3D Scanning | 3D Designing

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Why Spots ?

Get Instant Visibility

Expose yourself to the right customers in your geography.

Expert Advice

Getting started? Talk to us and start to 3D Print like a Pro.

Web Traffic 

Ride on our incoming traffic. We will market you as well.

Industry Expertise

Categorize yourself as an expert in Architecture, Healthcare, Jewellery etc

What's more?

'Spots' is an ambitious initiative.

In not more than a year, we aim to enable hooking up a 3D Printer in any given geography to a network and turn it into a micro fabrication unit, part of a Distributive Manufacturing Network. Essentially, any user can upload a design on to the system and pick it up from a local spot in a matter of hours. 

State of the art IoT + Blockchain systems would protect Data at multiple levels. This would be the world's first Cyber Physical Network. 

If this excites you, be an early adopter and ride the Industrial 4.0 Wave. 

Hyperlocal Listing for 3D Printing Services